Art Photography, 2019

Ritorno a Casa Jorn. Omaggio a Ezio Gribaudo”

Homage to Ezio Gribaudo art exhibition catalogue

by Federica Delprino, Omar Tonella

Art Catalogue by Gli Ori Editori Contemporanei
Event Photography for the inauguration with the artist
Casa-Museo Jorn, Albissola Marina (SV)

​These are unpublished ceramic pieces by Ezio Gribaudo, who experimented traces on pottery places combining industrial production and craft.

The photographic approach is built around the details, since each sign defines the uniqueness of the art pieces.

We focused on bringing the white out, a color particularly dear to the artist; we enhanced it thanks to combination of contrast and reflections, re-creating the dynamism of its execution.

Published on:
Finestre sull’Arte


Federica Delprino


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