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On – in – between the lines of the city

Photo project and video realized during “Moving Lines” workshop (UniGe), by Federica Delprino, 2020

Emotional maps
The concept of material related to (urban) nature and photography.

Photo project during IUAV Multimedia – Art Lab, born while attending the Multimedia Lab by Adrian Paci (2015), then developed during the Art Lab by Liliana Moro (2016) by Federica Delprino, 2015 – 2016

Briaglia Inclusive Playground
Inclusive Design Project

Project by Federica Delprino, Martina Mantegazza, Rosa Resciniti, Giulia Oblach in Collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University, 2018 – 2019

ABBOT smart toy
Product and Interaction Design project

Team 2016-2017: Federica Delprino, Olivia Ferrari Bravo, Niccolò Izzo, Maddalena Mariani, Chiara Piva
Team 2017-2018: Federica Delprino, Mirko Gelsomini, Niccolò Izzo, Chiara Piva, Giovanni Tommasi
Project developed during Interaction Design by Marco Brambilla, Maristella Matera, Roberta Tassi and Advanced User Interfaces by Franca Garzotto, Maristella Matera at Politecnico di Milano. Communication Design Master Degree w/ Information Engineering

Product and Interaction Design project

Project developed in collaboration with Advanced User Interfaces course (Politecnico di Milano), Computer Science DEIB Department in Polimi by Federica Delprino, Giovanni Filaferro, Michele Gennaioli, Maristella Matera, Giuseppe Manzi, Valentina Menabue and Human Computer Interaction Department Bozen University (Rosella Gennari, Alessandra Melonio, Eftychia Roumelioti), 2016 – 2018

Drin dream – Foodora
Sociology and game design project

Multidisciplinary project developed during Sociology Course by Matteo Ciastellardi (PoliMi) by Matteo Crespi, Alessandra Di, Federica Delprino, Alessandro Picenoni, Chiara Piva, Ginevra Terenghi, 2016

SAFEAR – White Mirror
Multimedia Design and Videomaking project

Project by Cristina Andrade, Federica Delprino, Sniedze Strauta developed during Project Multimedia II by Inês Ridolfo, ESAD.CR (Polytechnic of Leiria) in Multimedia Design (Erasmus+) course, 2018

Digital illustrations and visual identity

Personal rebranding and social media identity by Federica Delprino

MIX IZ UP! for Pepsi Group
Product and Communication Design

Project designed by Anna Belotti, Federica Delprino, Andrea Miani, Oliviero Spinelli during the Workshop by Mauro Porcini powered by Pepsi, Politecnico di Milano (Communication+Product Design Master Degree), 2017

App Design and Videomaking

Project by Federica Delprino, Olivia Ferrari Bravo, Maddalena Mariani, Chiara Piva during Complex Artifacts course by Luciano Baresi, Margherita Pillan, Stefano Quaglia (Politecnico di Milano, Communication Design Master Degree), 2017

Montage Video project

Visual τόποι, videomaking project by Federica Delprino during Cinema and Contemporary Art course by Carmelo Marabello (IUAV University), Multimedia Arts Undergraduate Degree, 2015

Material Immaterial
Light Design project

Project for “Design Week 2017” opening night in Ca’ Granda main courtyard, in collaboration with “Salone del Mobile” and INTERNI Magazine by Elena Aversa, Federica Delprino, Eugenia Falini, Denise Lucente. Light Scenography course by Giovanni Ravelli, Politecnico di Milano, Communication Design Master Degree, 2016

Mechanical Art
Interactive installation

Project by Federica Delprino, Csaba Forro, Stephan Graf, Sandra Lang, Achjut Siddu, Chi-Yung Wong. Mechanical Art Workshop by Clemens Kielhauser and Arne Tiddens. Result of the Cortona Week intensive workshop by ETH Zurich (2nd-9th September), PoliMi scolarship winner.