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White Mirror
Multimedia Design and Videomaking project, 2018


White Mirror

by Cristina Andrade, Federica Delprino, Sniedze Strauta

Project Multimedia II by Inês Ridolfo (2018), ESAD.CR – Polytechnic of Leiria
Multimedia Design (Erasmus+)

Black Mirror really shows the gloomy outlook of our society and how technology can empower it. On the other hand, it can also be an opportunity to see the “white side”of these situation: how the same technology can be used in a useful way.

“SAFEAR” is the episode of “White Mirror” serie showing it.
In “Playtest” a plaque put behind the neck of the players can let them live the most terrible horror games. In “SAFEAR” the same device makes neural connection to a patient to let him experience a fear in a safe place, supported by a therapist, to overcome it.

Federica Delprino


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