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Product and Communication Design, 2017


by Anna Belotti, Federica Delprino, Andrea Miani, Oliviero Spinelli

Workshop by Mauro Porcini (2017)
powered by Pepsi
Politecnico di Milano
Communication Design Master Degree

This project is the result of an intense two-weeks workshop powered by Pepsi Group, involving students from Communication and Product Design Master at PoliMi.

We had to think about a new experience to offer to the customers of a specific hotel. So, clearly, we had to keep in our minds the target and propose something innovative connected to one of the products offered by Pepsi Group.

“Mix Iz Up” is a new cocktail experience for the visitors of Moxy Hotel and Bar, connected to Izze and Pepsi brands.

Some vending machine around the building sell small capsules as modules for a DIY drink. Users just have to put them as a pile and shake!

There are also holo stations to get advices about drinks and to simulate them due to a mapping projeciton. The experience is also connected to social network, since special filters can be used location-based.
#PartIzzeTime #MixIzUp

Federica Delprino


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