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Interactive installation, 2017

Mechanical Art

By Federica Delprino, Csaba Forro, Stephan Graf, Sandra Lang, Achjut Siddu, Chi-Yung Wong

Mechanical Art Workshop by Clemens Kielhauser and Arne Tiddens
ETH Zurich, PoliMi scolarship winner
Cortona Week 2nd-9th September 2017

We used Arduino to program spotlights and a spinning platform, a base for the 3D object. So, knocking on a table, visitors could control lights and projection on a classical sculpture. 

​Our aim was combining different technologies to evaluate and give a new aspect to the Renaissance Abbey.

Cortona Week was an annual transdisciplinary seminar taking place in the beginning of September in Cortona, Italy, during the years 1985-​2017.

Cortona Week’s mission was to provide a platform that opens up the door and nurtures wider scopes of thinking, competence and creativity for all.
[..] The event was created to foster transdisciplinary and intercultural competence in natural scientists and engineers by exposing and extending their expertise in physics, chemistry, biosciences, material sciences and informatics, to a much broader scope of other domains such as: spirituality, literature, psychology, music, fine arts, bodywork, and intercultural knowledge.”

Federica Delprino


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