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Light Design project, 2016

Material Immaterial

Project for “Design Week 2017” opening night in Ca’ Granda main courtyard, in collaboration with “Salone del Mobile” and INTERNI Magazine

by Elena Aversa, Federica Delprino, Eugenia Falini, Denise Lucente

Light Scenography by Giovanni Ravelli
Politecnico di Milano
Communication Design Master Degree

Our concept is based on contrast and dynamism.

People walk on the ground floor between a water-reflection effect, while on the second floor we find fire-tongues projections on some tarps made by different materials.

Also an animated mapping on the facade evaluates the architecture, brightening lines and shapes. This projection happens thanks to the two statues.

The project is meant to be impressive by night but interesting also by day thanks to the structures and the tarps made by chiffon, satin, canvas and other materials with a different light reflection.

Federica Delprino


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