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Product and Interaction Design project, 2016 – 2018

ABBOT smart toy

Team 2016-2017: Federica Delprino, Olivia Ferrari Bravo, Niccolò Izzo, Maddalena Mariani, Chiara Piva

Team 2017-2018: Federica Delprino, Mirko Gelsomini, Niccolò Izzo, Chiara Piva, Giovanni Tommasi

Interaction Design by Marco Brambilla, Maristella Matera, Roberta Tassi
Advanced User Interfaces by Franca Garzotto, Maristella Matera
Politecnico di Milano
Communication Design Master Degree w/ Information Engineering


Playing Outdoor, Recommending New Content: Stimulating Kids’ Learning through the ABBOT Smart Object” 
for KidRec2016 during ACM Conference (27th-31st August 2017, Como).

“ABBOT: a smart toy motivating children to become outdoor explorers”
for AVI Conference (29th May – 1st June 2018, Castiglione della Pescaia)
also available on Re.Public@Polimi

ABBOT is an interactive smart toy, born to stimulate kids around 5/6 y.o. to play outdoor and explore natural elements. In this way they can “catch textures” and become true explorers and start their own material collection!

It is a pervasive interactive game for children at the early years of primary school that aims to stimulate exploration of outdoor environments. It’s a screen-free smart toy made of natural materials.

ABBOT combines a smart tangible object to play outdoors, with a mobile app to access new content related to the discovered natural elements. The tangible object helps children capture images of the elements they find interesting in the physical environment. Through simple interactive games on a tablet, at home children can continue to interact with the collected digital materials and can also access new related content. 

Federica Delprino


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